Videogame composer

Notice: I will be fully booked with assignments until 1st of May 2017. But feel free to send me a mail anyway.

I am a professional Video-game music composer for hire!

Want to use my music for a video or non-commercial project? Read This.

Need Custom music for your project, or want to license any of my current tracks?

I can make music in any genre or mood to suit your project needs!

I have done everything from Cinematic, orchestral and jazz, to chip-tunes and techno.
You name it, I make it.

If you choose to hire me to do new original music, you can choose from either a "Non-exclusive license" or a "Exclusive license"

  • Non-Exclusive license:
    You Own every right to distribute and use the product you buy commercially in any way.
    However under this license, I keep the commercial rights to the tracks as well, and may use it in other projects later.
    Given that I mention its original purpose.

  • Exclusive license:
    You Own every right to distribute and use the product you buy commercially in any way.
    You hold all the rights to the tracks now and in the future, and I may not use it for anything.
    A album OST release of the songs can be discussed over mail if you agree.

Contact me at: [email protected] To place your order!

Details will be discussed over mail. if I am not available for work at the requested time, I will do my best to make time in my schedule as fast as I can!

Contracts for larger projects are also discussed over mail.


Price can be discussed, depending on the project and how much work you need done / your audio budget. These rates are based on avrage work-hours . Bigger company projects may offer a total audio budget. Use of existing tracks for commercial projects can be discussed over mail. contact me at the address above for details.

Cost Non-exclusive:
 Cost Exclusive:
Music track / Loop
20 Sec  - 1 Minute
350 USD
Discussed over mail.
Music track / Loop
1 Min - 5 Minute
500 USD
Discussed over mail.
Music track / Loop
5 Min - 10 Minute
700 USD
Discussed over mail.
Sound effect
1 Sec - 5 Sec
35 USD 
Discussed over mail.
Sound effect
5 Sec - 15 Sec
55 USD
Discussed over mail.
 Existing track use
Discussed over mail.
Discussed over mail.
  Transaction fee for online money-transfer may apply as well.
I've made music for big games and small game on several platforms!
Here are some of my bigger completed work:

(Not currently updated, working on a full discography.)

  • Zen Studios (2014-2016)
   Full original soundtrack for the game Infinite Minigolf On steam.

  • RobTop Games (2014-2016)
   7 licensed songs and custom tracks for the game Geometry Dash For mobile devices and Steam

  • Playvue Games (2014-2015)
   Full Soundtrack  for the game Layerz For mobile devices.

  • Those Awesome Guys Llc. (2014-2015)
   Full Beta / Alternative soundtrack for the game Move Or Die On steam.

  • Sybrix Games (2014-2015)

   Full soundtrack and all sound effect work for the games Fox Fender And Fox Rush for mobile devices.

  • RZ Design (2012-2013)

   Full Soundtrack for the IOS game An Alien with a magnet. As well as sound effects and ambiance work.

  • Virsix Inc. (2012-2013)

   Full soundtrack for the interactive game installation The great forest challenge

  • ChrisJeff Games (2012-2013)
   3 Songs of the soundtrack for the video-game Above Average Guy

  • Those Awesome Guys Llc. (2010-2013)
   Full soundtrack for the video-game Kawairun 1 & 2.

  • ZEN studios (2011)
   Full soundtrack for the video-game Castlestorm for xbox360/pspvita/Steam/

  • The Behemoth (2008-2009)
   6 Tracks for the game Castle crashers for Xbox360/ps3/steam.

  • Nibbo Software Mexico (2005-2007)
   Full soundtrack for educational Mexican pc game Mecha pumble and pong revamp Uberpong As well as sound effect work and Norwegian translations.

  • Music featured in and/Or licensed/ Custom made to over 200 Flash game titles

Here are some other examples of my work: